Important stuff first

CCShowtime is not completed yet! We are still in the alpha phase, hence don't expect that everything is already working as well as it should.

The Idea

I am a huge fan of movies. There are not many things I enjoy more than sitting together with friends and watching a movie. But if you have seen many movies it starts getting harder and harder to find one that matches your and your group’s taste. So I searched through the web for a movie recommendation platform that works on a social basis. I was sure there would be something out there that meets my needs but nope; I came across many things but not quite what I was looking for, so I knew exactly what to do.


We want to build a fun to use social movie recommendation platform where the users can connect with their friends and people with a similar taste. We focus on modern and new technology to deliver the best result ( So don't expect any compatibility with old IE ).

The people behind it

We are a small company based in Zurich, Switzerland called ClanCats GmbH.
We build innovative web applications with social features.

ClanCats GmbH
Hotelstrasse 311
8058 Zurich-Airport


Our data comes from many different places to make sure not being dependent on one api.

Its a wild mixture of different plattforms:

We really would like to point out a huge thank you to all that services who help making this platform possible.

Here some copyright attributions:

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