125: Spam, spam, spam

  • Added a duplicate inspector for notifications.
  • Added E-Mail notifications.

124: Its all about people.

  • Added Following users and Followers on users profile.
  • Added user circle list view.
  • Added user cell list view.
  • Added CCAjax default trigger for simple actions.
  • Added Facebook friend sync on sign in.
  • Added People you may know on default stream using connected Facebook friends.
  • Added connection count sync to user model.

123: small movie list

Finally where able to join the user data also on the grouped small movie list item.

  • Added overlay on small movie list items.
  • Added vertical movie item actions.
  • Simpler and cleaner recommendations.

123: Movie not found?

Sometimes you just can't find a movie, that might be because we simply don't have it in our database. With this new feature you can search the movie and it will be added to our catalog as soon as possible.

Add a new movie

  • Also added Users search.

122: Facebook in tha house

If you already have an account you are not going to notice anything, because I integrated a Facebook login and SignIn.

  • Added Facebook services.
  • Added Sign Up using facebook.
  • Added Sign In using facebook.
  • Added FB data import.
  • Added notification when your Facebook friend joins CCShowtime.

121: You get notified.... and you get notified

This update delivers you notificatinos.

  • Added ajax popovers.
  • Added ccpopover.
  • Added notification popover.
  • Added unread counter.
  • Added follow notification.
  • Some image SEO improvements.
  • Movie SEO.
  • Added open graph tags.


This update is mainly invisible. I created a little ajax wrapper wich allows me to execute UI actions on any ajax request.

  • Linked avatars in stream.
  • Added ajax actions.
  • Created UI notification action.
  • Removed background blur in modal animation for better animation performance.
  • Loading indicator fix ccmodal.
  • Made some animations faster.

120: Scroll scroll scroll

Well there is just one thing this update does:

  • Made the stream scrollable ( ajax infinite scroll ).

119: I know this is crazy, but here's my email

I finally configured a mail server on CCShowtime and added a mail verification function. If you already have an account you should have received that email automatically.

  • Email functionality.
  • Email verification when creating a new account.
  • Added default avatar when no avatar is uploaded.
  • Keep me signed in now also works if your IP address changes.

118: It has been ages...

Sorry guys the last update has been a month ago.

  • Fixed empty recommendation or watched list error.
  • Added infinite scroll to watched and recommendation list.
  • Added robots.txt

117: Watching overflow

Well there where tons of "Mr. foo watched bla bla bla" messages. This flood of unnecessary stream items made me headache, so i came to the idea of grouping them. I think the result is pretty amazing it gives CCShowtime a more innovative and responsive feeling.

  • Added new watched stream item for a group of 2.
  • Added new watched stream item for a group of max 5.
  • Added new watched stream item for a group of 5 and more.
  • Added new modal movie list when more than 5 movies in group range.
  • Added page wrapper to identify all base page elements.
  • Added ability to scroll big modal windows.
  • Fixed scrolling body on modal window.
  • Added blur effect to page on active modal window.

116: Stream me home

A stream of the people you follow has been added to the start page. Also we builded a basic firewall that blocks some of the bad guys.

115: Follow me!

You can now follow each other. This is going to help to calculate movie suggestions based on your network. Also we calculate connections between each user this makes it possible to create a "you may know" feature.

  • Follow button on the user profile.
  • When 2 users follow each other a connection is calculated.
  • Calculation of mutual connections.

At the moment there is no page that makes visual use of this feature. That you will see in future updates.

114: Listception

  • New movie list list view.

113: stalker features

  • Added Profile navigation.
  • Added ability to view all watched movies of a user.
  • Added ability to view all movie recommendations of a user.
  • Added global stream for the beta stadium. Stream

112: It's all about recommendations

  • Removed the ugly padding in cover view.
  • Enlarged max size of cover view images to 230px.
  • Added third recommendation view that gets displayed if the post text is short.

111: Covers everywhere

We added a second list view called the "cover list view". The cover view is presented by a bigger image and all the meta links on a hover overlay.

  • Added: cover list view
  • Added: favicon.ico
  • If a recommendation contains a text it will be displayed as cover view.

110: Logo Ahoy

ClanCats Showtime logo history

The old CCShowtime logo was simply just the ClanCats logo with a circle around it. Wich is.. not.. really.. creative... So the time has come for a real CCShowtime logo. Here I would like to point out a big "Thank you" to Anja Cavelti who created the logo prototypes.

ClanCats Showtime logo history

109: New Shoes

Check out our fancy new shoes! ( I should stop making stupid jokes )
On the bottom of our page you will find now a footer containing mostly meta links to our terms ect.

108: Stay static

Without this update you would not be able to read the change log. I pretty much ported the CCF2 documentation module for the static content on CCShowtime.

So what new pages do we got?

107: Goodbye Bootstrap

This update says goodbye to Twitter Bootstrap. I would never say that Bootstrap is bad, i'm still going to use it for the most of my projects. But After while developing the CCShowtime front-end it became more and more a mess, i was literally overwriting almost every bootstrap class without making use of the half of its features. So i got a little frustrated having a almost 300kb sized stylesheet for no reason and decided to rebuild that thing without bootstrap. The result is: Im much happier now with a working 50kb stylesheet.

106: Database Sessions

How many users are online at the moment? We had no freaking clue because we stored the session on the client side. Also the database sessions are not the final solution, in future we should store these in some key value based memory store.

Everything before

So what are these 105 things before? The easy answer is just the 105 commits before i started writing a change log. For everybody who is actually interested in reading this: I apologise for the missing documentation.